Mother Goose with 22 gosling

After spending 3 days in Intensive care for congestive heart failure, just walking 100 feet was a problem. Doctors orders: walk, walk, walk.  Slowly I got stronger,  adding swimming into my program.  My walks now got longer and longer, but going uphill was still a battle. After signing up with My Healthy Heart for 4 months and some changes in medication I also added biking to my agenda.

One day I joined my wife cycling to the farmers market at Trout Lake Community Centre.  Getting there was no problem, but coming back was a different story. On every little hill I had to stop and take a rest, needless to say my wife was not impressed since there were other things that she wanted to do that afternoon.  Well for me, it became a challenge.  Today the 6km  takes less than half an hour.  Going around Burnaby Lake 26 km 2 1/2 hrs. Yes, I’m tired but I feel good and relaxed.


Trout Lake

My next challenge: Stanley Park.  I must say driving and sharing the streets with cars was not a problem, good cooperation between cars and bicycles. On the other hand, biking along the seawall I would almost say that people pushing strollers were aiming for you to get you off the path.  Well, anyway, it was a nice ride along the seawall. Going back home, the little hills became mountains and we have lot of them here in Vancouver.  So I stopped, took a little rest and pushed my bike each mountain. Well, I had to do this too going up to Prospect Point. I didn’t feel bad pushing my bike because there where some young grasshoppers who had to push their bikes also. After a short rest and cooling down I made it home and relaxed. Hopefully I can do another trip before Christmas and this time all around Stanley Park.

Biking thru the city and parks is a very relaxing exercise; you see and observe things which you will never see from your car going from A to B. Plus it is good exercise and it strengthens your heart and mind.  Even on rainy days it can be fun, but dress properly.


About happybiker

I'm a retiree with congestive heart failure who has turned to exercise to improve my health. Started with short walks, progressed to swimming, then on to biking. When I first started I could only bike 5km with many breaks. Now I'm proud to be biking 70+ km regularly. Follow me on my journey.
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