South – West California

The year of 2016 I will never forget for the rest of my life. 


The beach we used to see befor the storm

Middle of December (2015) we travelled to Oceanside, CA to celebrate Christmas with our oldest daughter and family. The day after we arrived was a big storm and the beach along the Strand Boulevard was gone; rocks and debris were piled up on the Boulevard. City workers worked hard the next day to clean up the road to make it passable for cars and pedestrian.

I thought we brought the weather from Vancouver: rain, windy days and it was cold too.

After the Storm

The beach after the storm

But after all I fixed up my son in-law’s bike and I still managed to get in quite a few miles. It might be hilly but they have nice, well-marked bike paths.

The DND lets you, as a cyclist, bike thru Camp Pendleton where there is little vehicle traffic, so many cyclists make use of it and on weekends it is packed with them.

The San Luis Rey River Trail is about 10 miles or so, both bike and hiking trails. Very enjoyable to ride. But there are still many other bike trails which I have yet to explore.

Now, riding the Pacific Coast Highway was a little bit different as you encounter cars, police officers and cycling groups, up to 15 & they can haul like a pack of wolves. In general everything went fine until I came to a section of a road in Del Mar that was blocked by 2 police officers. They would not let anybody thru, not even a lady who showed her driver’s license with her address. She could walk-in, but not drive in. I don’t know if he wanted to prove something to me but over the years of going down to the states I found American people always be friendly and helpful, except if they held a position whether it was as a Police Officer, Border Guard, Security Guard etc. Just to show you that they had power over you.

Since the road was washed out from the storm & in repair, I had no choice but to either turn around or to take Del Mar Heights Rd, adding another 10 km to my trip to San Diego. Well here again I had to push my bike, the road is pretty steep, but I made it. I knew this detour put me at risk of not keeping my promise to be home in time for a dinner out. North Torrey Pines Rd. was another uphill battle but I never got off my bike and from the Golf Course it was all downhill. I hit rush hour and the traffic was pretty heavy. Then I got a break, a nice-looking girl passed me and the way she handled herself thru the traffic, I just ended up following her. I was impressed as we made it safe to the bikeways of Da Anza Cove Park, where she then made her departure. Well, I made it to Old Town in Sand Diego &, hopped on the Coaster, disembarked at the Poinsettia Station, Carlsbad. Once off the Coaster I then only had 6km back to Lego Land Hotel Resort in the dark. Naturally I got an earful of complaints because the kids were starving to death, but it was only 6pm so I felt I had made good time!


About happybiker

I'm a retiree with congestive heart failure who has turned to exercise to improve my health. Started with short walks, progressed to swimming, then on to biking. When I first started I could only bike 5km with many breaks. Now I'm proud to be biking 70+ km regularly. Follow me on my journey.
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