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I'm a retiree with congestive heart failure who has turned to exercise to improve my health. Started with short walks, progressed to swimming, then on to biking. When I first started I could only bike 5km with many breaks. Now I'm proud to be biking 70+ km regularly. Follow me on my journey.

The Year of the Monkey

  Coming back from Las Vegas in February & feeling pretty good about my biking, I was preparing myself to go on my dream tour of doing the Pacific West Coast bike route in late summer.  But within 2 months … Continue reading

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Red Rock Canyon State Park

Las Vegas, Spanish for the meadows, is surrounded by mountain, so where ever you go by bike you’re going to fight an uphill battle. By car you don’t even notice it, if you’re young and healthy it’s no problem either. … Continue reading

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South Nevada

Las Vegas – Hoover Dam. In February 2016 we had the opportunity to spend a week in Las Vegas with my daughter and her family from Southern California. We flew to Las Vegas while my daughter and family drove up … Continue reading

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South – West California

The year of 2016 I will never forget for the rest of my life.  Middle of December (2015) we travelled to Oceanside, CA to celebrate Christmas with our oldest daughter and family. The day after we arrived was a big storm … Continue reading

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Setting Goals!

With all the bike lanes here in Greater Vancouver for all different levels, I saw no reason not to improve my strength and endurance by keeping on biking. For me, every time I made a hill, or rode another mile … Continue reading

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Biking in and around Vancouver

1986 Vancouver hosted Expo 86. It not only opened Vancouver to the world, it also brought about many changes. Beer parlors and pubs were licensed to sell alcohol on Sundays and holidays (while social clubs took a beating).   The Sky … Continue reading

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After spending 3 days in Intensive care for congestive heart failure, just walking 100 feet was a problem. Doctors orders: walk, walk, walk.  Slowly I got stronger,  adding swimming into my program.  My walks now got longer and longer, but … Continue reading

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